WELCOME TO SITE REGISTRATION FOR GRADE 8 CWW, FEBRUARY 2015! The selection process is designed to give as many students as possible one of their top choices. Review the slideshow with your parents before making your choices. Then, select your top four (4) choices from the sites listed. Within the next two weeks, you will be assigned one of your four choices. There are 10 different sites and they are all amazing experiences, so don’t worry to much about making the “right” choice. The issue surrounding your site will be investigated during your Changing Our World class and several Advisories will be dedicated to planning. Be sure to select a site that centers around an issue bout which you are passionate. By registering for CWW sites, you are agreeing to the following: 1. Your parents have approved your choices before your register. 2. Stay focused on choosing sites that address issues you are passionate about. 3. You will be assigned to one of your four top choices. Be flexible.  This is about giving to others, and all the sites are great! 4. Assignments are considered final. Click here to make your top four (4) choices.