Hi Gr8 Students,

These are the rosters for our February CWW trips.  Click through the tabs at the bottom of the page to find your name.  We are happy to be able to give most students one of their top-3 choices.  All of the sites are amazing experiences, so we’re sure you’ll be excited no matter where you were placed.

Those of you enrolled in Changing Our World (COW) this semester will begin researching your site and related issues after the October Break.  If you have COW in Semester 2, you’ll learn about your site before you depart.  There will also be several advisory times set aside to meet with your group and plan your trip, beginning in November.

These trips are intended to give you the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned in Middle School to issues you care about and help others (and the planet) in the process.  We’re thrilled to embark on the journey with you!

All the best,

Mr. Willey and the Grade 8 Team