COD Reminders / Final Rosters

Some reminders about Community Outreach Day (COD) on Friday:

  • Wear your House Shirt.
  • Check this roster list to see where you’re going and where to meet.
  • Remind your teacher leader if you have severe allergies or require an Epi-pen.

Enjoy the day!

Grade 8 Community Outreach Day (COD) – May 29, 2015

On Friday, May 29, you’ll be participating in one of eight (8) service projects in and around Manila. The goal is to give back to the community as a show of gratitude for all we’ve received. All of the trips are fun and rewarding experiences, but we want to give you the chance to select your top choices.

Review the COD slideshow, then select your top four (4) preferences on this form:

This form must be completed by tomorrow (Tuesday, May 19) at 9pm. Looking forward to a great day out in the community together!


Global Issues Network Manila (GINila) – Facilitator App Form

Application Form

Grade 8 End-of-Year Calendar / Permission Slip

Hi Gr8 Students,

The end of the year is almost upon us and with it the end of your Middle School careers.  Despite the many changes, manic moments, and challenges you’ve endured, it’s been a great time in your lives.  You’ll never forget the bonds you’ve formed and the fun you’ve had together, from lunch table jokes to service and sports to mudslides, parties, and plays.  And while many exciting opportunities await in high school, it’s time to step-back, take stock and celebrate your many hard-earned accomplishments and unforgettable friendships.

Here’s the calendar for special Grade 8 Events.

This is the Parent Letter / Permission Slip (return to your Advisory teacher by Monday, April 27).

Here’s to a legendary send-off for a legendary group!


Mr. Willey

Grade 8 CWW Survey – Feburary, 2015

Click here to access a brief survey and give us some feedback on your CWW experience!

Grade 8 CWW Rosters – February 9-13, 2015

Hi Gr8 Students,

These are the rosters for our February CWW trips.  Click through the tabs at the bottom of the page to find your name.  We are happy to be able to give most students one of their top-3 choices.  All of the sites are amazing experiences, so we’re sure you’ll be excited no matter where you were placed.

Those of you enrolled in Changing Our World (COW) this semester will begin researching your site and related issues after the October Break.  If you have COW in Semester 2, you’ll learn about your site before you depart.  There will also be several advisory times set aside to meet with your group and plan your trip, beginning in November.

These trips are intended to give you the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned in Middle School to issues you care about and help others (and the planet) in the process.  We’re thrilled to embark on the journey with you!

All the best,

Mr. Willey and the Grade 8 Team


Classroom Without Walls (CWW) Choices – February 2015

WELCOME TO SITE REGISTRATION FOR GRADE 8 CWW, FEBRUARY 2015! The selection process is designed to give as many students as possible one of their top choices. Review the slideshow with your parents before making your choices. Then, select your top four (4) choices from the sites listed. Within the next two weeks, you will be assigned one of your four choices. There are 10 different sites and they are all amazing experiences, so don’t worry to much about making the “right” choice. The issue surrounding your site will be investigated during your Changing Our World class and several Advisories will be dedicated to planning. Be sure to select a site that centers around an issue bout which you are passionate. By registering for CWW sites, you are agreeing to the following: 1. Your parents have approved your choices before your register. 2. Stay focused on choosing sites that address issues you are passionate about. 3. You will be assigned to one of your four top choices. Be flexible.  This is about giving to others, and all the sites are great! 4. Assignments are considered final. Click here to make your top four (4) choices.

CWW Caliraya – Parent Letter / Permission Slip / Packing List


Submit to your Advisory teacher no later than Wednesday, September 10.

Find the packing list here.

Community Outreach Day (COD) Groupings

Hi Grade 8s,

The final countdown is upon us.  We have an exciting couple of days ahead, including Community Outreach Day (COD) on June 2.

See the grouping for COD at this link.

Departure Times:  Stairway departs on Saturday morning, May 31 at 8am from the ES Drop-off.  CCV meets at the ES Playground at 6:45am on June 2.   All other trips meet in the FAT at 7:30am on the morning of June 2.  Bring all of your supplies for the day.

If you have any questions, see me or your individual site leader.


Mr. W


Attention: Prospective Grade 9 Council Reps

Here’s the Application Link.  Complete the form by 3 pm on Monday, May 12 if you’d like to run for Grade 9 Council.  Review the details below before applying…

Grade 9 Council Elections for SY 2014 – 2015

Election Dates 2014

May 7th:  Election Documents shared through Google Docs via Grade 8 blog

May 12th:  Election Application Forms submitted online by 3pm

May 16th:  Permission to run emailed to all approved candidates by 5.00pm

May 21st:  Speeches during grade level assembly; voting at the end of the assembly

May 22nd:  Winners announced during morning announcements

Campaign Details


  • To provide students with the opportunity to run and be elected for a leadership role and represent their school.

  • To organize a body of capable students who have the responsibilities of representing their school or class in a variety of situations.

  • To promote fair and equal opportunities for all candidates.

Interview Process:  If the total number of candidates running for Class Council exceeds 15 candidates then a faculty committee will determine which candidates will be able to run.

Speeches:  Candidates are expected to give a 1-minute speech, which will take place during the grade level assembly on Wednesday, May 21st. The time limit will be strictly enforced to ensure there is time for all candidates.

Campaign Ads:  Campaign advertising is not allowed for Grade 9 elections.

Policy of Limitations:  Please be aware of the policy of limitations, which is outlined in the Student Handbook. If elected to office, you may be asked to give up a leadership position in a different club to accommodate the policy.


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